Gul warns of extremism in Syria
Gul warns of extremism in Syria
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Turkish president  " Abdullah Gul " in an interview with "The Guardian " newspaper ,  warned from  the threat of spreading extremism in Syria on Europe and the risk of turning the country into Afghanistan on the shores of the Mediterranean" , describing the performance of the UN Security Council regarding the Syrian crisis as " disgraceful " .

Gul  said " the Syrian nation dies before the eyes of the whole world  who doesn't care , and the spread of extremism among ordinary people in different parts of Syria by jihadist Islamic groups became an increased risk to its neighbors and the countries of Europe" .

 He stressed "the necessity of the international community to have  a strong position regarding  Syria , but unfortunately it seems that it lacks a unified position , while the country is being destroyed at the same time  ".

On " Geneva 2 " scheduled conference this month, Gul stressed " the importance of preparing it in a better way than its first version , warning that " Syria had been destroyed and there isn't much that can be done now."

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