Iraqi- American new political prospects supporting  "Geneva 2"
Iraqi- American new political prospects supporting "Geneva 2"
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Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki after meeting U.S President Barack Obama in Washington said  " bilateral relationship between Iraq and the United States won't be restricted in the unilateral convention which focused on the military and security cooperation only but will involve the political and economic prospects " ,   adding ,"the consensus was full to find solution to the problem in Syria through dialogue and supporting Geneva-2 Conference to give the Syrian people the right to choose the system they want , in addition to work finding a solution to the nuclear problem , which we hope to be resolved by peaceful means . "

For his part, U.S president expressed Iraq's internal compliance , saying , "throughout our discussion  the general heading was the United States' desire to be a strong and effective partner with Iraq",  pointing out to " Washington's aspiration to help Iraq to become democratic and prosperous ."

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