Turkey closed Saudi intelligence's headquarters supporting "insurgents" in Syria
Turkey closed Saudi intelligence's headquarters supporting "insurgents" in Syria
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"News"  Lebanese newspaper qouted informed sources in Ankara that Turkish authorities decided to close the majority of centers and apartments used by members of the Saudi intelligence in Turkey which provide logistical and field support to the armed groups in Syria .

This Turkish step comes in the context of confrontation with Riyadh on the one hand , and to ease tensions with Syria and Iran on the other hand , without contradicting Turkish intelligence's interests .

The sources said  Turkish _ Saudi tension began since the coup , which was sponsored by Saudi Arabia in Egypt, and  Saudi Arabia heading Syrian file  backed by the West and the U.S  , and weakening at the same time the Turkish and Qatari role . Many sources revealed  that minister Ahmet Davutoglu returned shocked from his last meeting with his Saudi counterpart Saud al-Faisal after the latter refused granting Turkey any role in the Syrian file even if  efforts succeed to overthrow the regime militarily, in addition to eliminating Turkey from the Egyption file. According to sources , the Turkish shift in dealing with Saudi Arabia came after discussions and consultations between Turkish and Qatari senior leaders  ain addition to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood . Saudi Arabia efforts to disrupt the deal of freeing Azaz's abducted was the  biggest impetus to make this decision.

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