Russian Orthodox Church calls for facing religious extremism
Russian Orthodox Church calls for facing religious extremism
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 Russian Orthodox Church announced that it intends to participate in the Second International Meeting of the clergymen on the settlement of the Syrian crisis , organized by the World Council of Churches before  "Geneva 2 " conference  .

  Spokesman of  Russian Church Bishop Hlarion said "I think we will participate in this meeting, if  it takes into account the the balance of power appropriately , adding " we opposed direct U.S. strikes into Syria, and contributed to the joint efforts of clerics and politicians to avoid this plan " .

He expressed his hope that the participation of organizations affecting the efforts of solving the Syrian crisis at new Geneva meeting for clergymen , calling the  Muslims clergymen to revitalize their efforts to counter extremism in order to avoid the outbreak of religious conflicts .

He also stressed that Christians and Muslims are able to peacefully coexist , pointing out that the experience of the coexistence of the two religions over centuries in Russia and other countries confirms this reality .

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