Israel attacked  a Syrian military base near Latakia
Israel attacked a Syrian military base near Latakia
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Israeli media outlets  talk  about an Israeli attack on Syrian Arab army base near Latakia by a rocket fire from the sea, according to Israeli media that Parties of Syrian opposition announced that  a Syrian air defense base near the city of Latakia was stroked  last night by an attack led to an explosion in which and possibly destroyed it .


" Yediot Ahronot" Israel newspaper, claimed that a Syrian military site on the coast of Latakia on the Mediterranean Sea was destructed  as a result of a rocket launched from the sea . According to " Yediot" a Syrian military air defense site on pine mountain was destroyed after the launch of a rocket from the sea without knowing who fired the missile yet . The newspaper pointed out that the site was completely destroyed and there weren't any  additional details on the results of this attack.


 According to sources in the Syrian opposition , a huge explosion occurred in an area of ​​air defense  site near Pine mountain . The second Israeli Channel reported that the Israeli attack targeted a repository for Yachont Russian rockets .

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