Rohani  to Ebrahimi : Iran strives to bring peace and stability in Syria .
Rohani to Ebrahimi : Iran strives to bring peace and stability in Syria .
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Iranian President Hassan Rohani , said Iran spares no effort to bring peace and stability in Syria , and is willing to play a positive role at various levels and to contribute to any efforts to resolve the crisis .

Rohani  said, on Sunday 27 October  during a meeting with UN envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi in Tehran that "it's hopeful that  many countries finally understood that the military option  can't solve the Syrian crisis , it must be settled politically, and this is the best way to put an end to violence in Syria  " .  He added that " there is more agreement in the views on Syria , as all involved  parties confirms rejecting  infiltration of terrorists into Syrian territory and killing Syrian people and displacing millions of them, they now see that the spiral of violence in Syria leave a negative impact on the entire region "

He also said that " everyone is determined about the political future in Syria by holding free elections with participation of all Syrian people  segments" , emphasizing  that Iran is ready to act positively on various levels and contribute to any efforts to bring peace to Syria , either through  holding " Geneva 2 " Conference or in any other  way . Iran is willing to cooperate with some countries in the region , including Turkey to hold meetings aimed at bringing positions on Syria .

 The Iranian president also expressed his hope that Lakhdar Brahimi 's efforts  might restore successfully peace and democracy in Syria , announcing Iran 's full support for these efforts.

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