Rohani determined fighting  terrorism.
Rohani determined fighting terrorism.

Iranian President Hassan Rohani, ordered ministers of interior and foreign to continue investigating the killing of 17 border guards soldiers in the city of  Sarwan southeast of the country , stressing his country's determination to address the terrorist acts.


President Rohani, said on 26 October , " in light of the unlimited support of the Iranian people in defending the Islamic nation , Iran is determined to address the directed acts of evil " saying  , " Foreign Ministry must follow-up necessary measures in the course of implementing the security agreement with Pakistan and provide the findings in its report " .

At least 17 ​​soldiers from elements of the Iranian border guards had been killed in a clash with armed gangs south of the country on the border with Pakistan on Friday night.  Five other soldiers were detained hostages in the clash , which occurred in the city of Sarwan south of the country , which  is as a major transit point of Afghani and Pakistani gangs smuggling drugs into Iran , then they are transported to Europe and the Gulf states . In response to this incident, Iran executed 16 element of " Army of Justice " convicted of drug smuggling in Zahedan capital of Sistan and Baluchistan province , which has border with Pakistan and Afghanistan.


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