Turkish police uses tear gas to disperse student demonstrations in Ankara .
Turkish police uses tear gas to disperse student demonstrations in Ankara .

Turkish police used tear gas to disperse a demonstration of about hundred students in center of Ankara protesting the uprooting trees campus, and arrested a number of them.

The left - wing student movement organized a gathering in central Kizilay Square , but riot police deployed heavily in the place , arrested 26 demonstrators.

The spokeswoman explained that demonstrators wanted to walk to city center and plant trees in the garden of a public buildings .

For weeks, Ankara witnessed sporadic demonstrations in addition to supporting movements in other Turkish cities to protest the incision of a road through the center of the Middle East Technical University campus , the project of the municipality raised controversy and aimed to alleviate traffic in the Turkish capital .

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan condemned last week  who called " gangs " that rejects the project in Ankara , after he encountered in last June an unprecedented protest movement at a similar project in Istanbul.



According to police estimates , which violently suppressed protests last summer that about two and a half million people took the streets in various parts of Turkey along the three weeks demanding the resignation of Erdogan , accusing him of trying to " Islamize " turkish society , which lead to confrontations between police and demonstrators with six people dead .

Observers regard that the incidents Ankara is recently witnessing reignite protests.

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