Jaafari accuses Amos of condoning  obvious facts.
Jaafari accuses Amos of condoning obvious facts.
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 Damascus accused  Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations for Humanitarian Affairs Valerie Amos , of condoning  what it considers as clearly visible  facts  .

These accusations came of Syrian Permanent Representative to the United Nations , Bashar Jaafari , who confirmed that no one can deny the role of  Syrian government as a full partner with the United Nations in implementing the humanitarian response plan , which was signed with the Office of coordinating  humanitarian response by the United Nations " OCHA " .

Jaafari said that Syrian government or Syrian army besieges some areas ..  " Yes, this is true but it is surrounding some of these places because armed terrorists fighters are fighting the government , defying the authority of the state and using civilians as human shields " . He explained that because of the security conditions relating to the safety of international humanitarian personnel they can not always get into some hot spots which had happened with helping convoys of World food Programme ( WFP ) , who admitted that they had failed 8 times in enter Al-Maidamie area .

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