Disputes in U.S State Department about  "Geneva -2"
Disputes in U.S State Department about "Geneva -2"
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 " Foreign Policy" magazine revealed a disagreement between U.S Secretary of State John Kerry and his senior aides who insist on the need to cancel   "Geneva-2" conference.

  The magazine reported that Kerry adheres to the idea of ​​peace negotiations between the Syrians as the only way to end the conflict, but a number of senior officials of U.S Department of State including Kerry aides , call for aboliting the conference, excluding the possibility of collecting  most prominent leaders of the opposition .

  One of the officials told the magazine "the only person who wants Geneva conference is the minister . Who will attend ? And would it represent anyone ? who should take the risk  ? " .
 State Department officials , including  U.S ambassador in Syria Robert Ford, confirmed that " it is very difficult to form a broad coalition of opposition forces by the conference expected date in the second half of next month

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