Yadlin : Israel doesn't  need America to strike Iran.
Yadlin : Israel doesn't need America to strike Iran.

" Yediot Ahronot " newspaper quoted president of the Institute for National Security Studies in Israel, Amos Yadlin, saying " as it is always possible to resolve the Iranian nuclear issue through negotiations,  we should do so" , warning that those negotiations may consume time without any tangible results , adding that "if it doesn't yield a diplomatic track , Israel won't need United States of America at the zero hour and it's able to launch a military attack on Iran nuclear installations alone.


Yadlin pointed out that any military action by Israel alone will hinder the growing capabilities of Iran in its nuclear program but won't be as the same size as if the United States participates military which will achieve better results.


He claimed that the Israeli military strike can stop the Iranian nuclear plan for a period of at least five years , while if the United States participates in this process, it will stop Iranian plan for 10 years ago. Yadlin also said "  international community and the United States should continue to impose more economic sanctions , which would help to tighten the siege on Tehran" , pointing out that such sanctions don't help to stop nuclear armament .


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