"World Tribune"  : Al-Assad opponents involved in arms industry.
"World Tribune" : Al-Assad opponents involved in arms industry.
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" World Tribune " newspaper said that some of the most American lawyers in the United States  who are strongly anti- Syrian leadership, and advocators for military intervention against Damascus, recently revealed that their involvement in arms industry in the United States.

The newspaper published on Tuesday morning , in a report that a group of public , stakeholders , some experts and lawyers , manipulated the major newspapers and television networks , to become biased , and purport the American people with the need for military intervention in Syria to topple Al-Assad.

The report said  that the war in Syria represented a significant threat to U.S interests in Middle East , noting that the conflict of interest are posed by a group of experts and lawyers on the public discourse in the United States , even for democracy.

The report also pointed out that the group of experts consisting of specialists of former government officials and military commanders , and it has up to 22 researchers appearing on the most prevalent television and newspapers to convince the Americans what American administration wants, they reflect the thinking of leaders , to lead the public to what they want .

These individuals and organizations are associated with tens of Department of Defense and intelligence staff and investment companies that focus on arms industry , as well as diplomats.

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