" Temple" Jewish organizations violates Aqsa Mosque.
" Temple" Jewish organizations violates Aqsa Mosque.

The so-called " Temple" Jewish organizations starts today a collective violation into Aqsa Mosque.

Palestinian News Agency , reported that numbers of settlers since this morning resumed storming the mosque , through small groups, accompanied by escorts element of the special units  of Israeli police. This coincided with the presence of dozens  defending Al-Aqsa Mosque  including students of science workshops inside the mosque.

For its part, the Islamic Christian panel for supporting  Jerusalem and holy sites , warned in a press release , against the seriousness of such calls , because it's a flagrant violation of worship and sanctity places. The Commission emphasized that the continuation of these violations by Israeli authorities,  requires international community represented by General Assembly and Security Council to exert pressure on the Israeli authorities to stop its violations of worship places , and force it to comply with international law.

The panel called in its statement, " the competent institutions of the international community to intervene to protect Islamic and Christian holy places that are exposed to the daily Israeli violations , and to protect Palestinian civilians from Israeli attacks.

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