Brahimi hopes " Geneva -2 " to end Syrian crisis .
Brahimi hopes " Geneva -2 " to end Syrian crisis .
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UN envoy to Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi, hoped  " Geneva -2 " is the solution to finish  the Syrian crisis , adding he would announce later  the date of the Conference.

 In a response to a question about the possibility of inviting countries were not presented at Geneva 1 , he said " There issuch possibility , and stressing that the situation in Syria is bad and getting worse day after day and becoming the biggest tragedy  in history affecting third of Syrian people in terms that everyone in Syria is affected by what is happening , including prisoners and 100 people dead  in addition to polio epidemic spreading  after it was eradicated in Syria and there are displaced people . It's agreed nowadays that the greatest threat to peace in the world is in Syria , saying that ending  this crisis is necessary and urgent.

He considered that "Geneva -2 " can't be held without the presence of  a convincing opposition that  present s Syrian people , pointing out that "Geneva -2 " conference  is not an event but rather pursuant work , so the participation of representatives of armed and unarmed  Syrian people , is very important .

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