Zoabi:  Syria won't negotiate "terrorists" .
Zoabi: Syria won't negotiate "terrorists" .
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Syrian Information Minister Omran Zoabi , said in a television interview that efforts and blood made in Syria from two years ago till now will yield positive results. Syrian people  defend Arabism and Islam and real sovereignty and national , pointing out  that the region is changing and there  is  a coming victory which will be celebrated  by all Lebanese and the Syrian as a whole.
Zoabi said the option of political process is an  genuine option for Syria , so we did not and will not  abandon this statement and let it down , and we are ready to go to Geneva , this does not mean we  will negotiate insurgents We have determined political option because we  consider it clear and  the right future for Syria .

He stressed  that there isn't any change in Syrian position,  because " we aren't afraid of dialogue and we are ready to start it , but will not negotiate the responsible of bloodshed  and who support them, so these  won't be in any political debate because these are not politicians , but "terrorists ."

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