"UNHCR" calls for  granting  asylum to more Syrians
"UNHCR" calls for granting asylum to more Syrians
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 UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) called on  international community to grant asylum to more Syrians with increasing numbers of people fleeing from Syria . Melissa Fleming  UNHCR spokeswoman , said  in Geneva Friday , October 18 , that " increasing numbers of Syrians are crossing the Mediterranean because of concerns over security , as well as incidents of physical assault and verbal threats , detention and deportation .

 She said, "   UN High Commissioner for Refugees ( UNHCR ) appeals to countries that have the means , whether in Europe or outside to lend a helping hand  not only through funding and other contributions , but also through resettlement in a third country and family reunification".

Fleming added that  6233 Syrian and Palestinian refugees were living in Syria , arrived in Italy on  63 boats since August , compared with 350 Syria who arrived in  2012 as a whole. She pointed to the loss of about 300 people after the sinking of a boat carrying nearly 500 Syrian and Palestinian Syria off the coast of Malta on October 11 , which had sailed from Libya.

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