charming unrealistic landscape is a Syrian trademark.
charming unrealistic landscape is a Syrian trademark.
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 Despite it's awkward puzzles , it gathers visitors thirsting for every new trend, it's  a destination for people from all over the world, from Sweida we specifically chose Graúibna near  En-Mrj , on the road to the  mountain back, here either your sight will be fooled or you leave free rein to make you think different .  The Tarmac seems  upward , water goes top and down when it poured on the ground it , and  when the vehicle engine  stops ,it ascend to the top ? ?

No one can give a logical explanation for this phenomenon

Some say it is the concentration of  gravity and magnetic force , and others felt that the reason was the deceiving  sight and  road - in their point of view - it is  several separate gradients that caused a reverse slope ,  so the controversy still looms.

We went carrying our questions via the same route to reach Al-Rashida village which is the highest area inhabited in the Middle East , here is what is known as ( Dallafah ), a cave at the bottom of the valley, on the door a fig tree , and according to the region's population it bears fruit throughout the year, if you enter the cave become you will be in another world, surround with soft smooth walls away from the harsh nature of the area's rocks . To the left the voice of fresh water falling from the ceiling and gathered in a stone pot pie , also continues unchanged throughout the year, Candles illuminate the place which becomes a hub for many visitors . 

According to the novel  a woman named Sarah resorted to that place in the past to escape her hunters  beause she advocates  polytheism,  Almighty God gave her fig tree and productive torrent running water . Despite the different accounts about the identity of this woman , the place is considered sanctity , important and significant to many here.

How does it happen ? ... What 's the reason ? ..... How long have happened? ..... What is the truth? ...

Perhaps the questions were lost , and the bizarre scene capturing attention becomes surprising as the story itself .

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