"The Guardian" : Gulf fears  American-Iranian rapprochement
"The Guardian" : Gulf fears American-Iranian rapprochement

" The Guardian"  British newspaper said that "  Riyadh always expressed dissatisfaction with the American reaction to the " Arab Spring " , but the differences became apparent after the U.S. Russian agreement on  destructing Syrian chemical weapons  .

Today , it is rumored that the possibility of an agreement on the Iranian nuclear warries the Saudis .
The newspaper added , "The Saudis do not believe in , or do not want to believe , that Rohani is a moderate president and able to overcome the hard-liners in his country , they fear that the Gulf countries are the losers if there is an agreement between Washington and Tehran."


 The Saudis were angry after Obama  abandons Hosni Mubarak and supports Morsi . Despite this, it is unlikely to be a dramatic breakthrough in the tenuous relation between the two countries .

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