Arafat  poisoned with " polonium-210 "???
Arafat poisoned with " polonium-210 "???

According to "  Lancet " British Medical magazine  ,  Palestinian President Yasser Arafat  might be poisoned with " polonium-210 " . The magazine published these  results after investigation confirm the possibility of Arafat poisoned by " polonium-210 "   depending on the results of forensic investigation , there were enough doubts to examine the remains of Arafat in 2012 .


A spokesman of  University Hospital in Lausanne Switzerland  , said that analysing the remains of Arafat and  by  Radiation Physics Research Center of  University Lausanne Hospital are still ongoing,  and haven’t reached any result yet. The spokesman also said that the report issued by l " The Lancet "  is old and based on the results of the first analysis of of  Arafat's  remains.


On his part, Tawfiq Tirawi head of the Palestinian investigation panel into the causes of Arafat's death,  said " the official result of tests conducted on Arafat's  remains is still in  secret stage until now ,  we has not delivered  it to the Palestinian side , and they does not know when they will receive the official result. Tirawi said that the report issued by " The Lancet "  magazine does not contain any new contents , and the conclusion on poisoning Arafat had been claimed in Al-Jazeera report. 

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