President Al-Assad stresses the choice of  resistance .
President Al-Assad stresses the choice of resistance .
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President Al-Assad during a meeting yesterday with a delegation of Arab and Muslim world assembly to support the choice of resistance headed by Dr. Yahya Gadar secretary general assembly,  stressed the importance intellectual withstand to face variables and external projects that target countries and peoples of the Arab and Muslim world .  Al-Assad assured that the role of national elites in consolidating resistant of the grassroots , especially younger generations of them  , and devoting  Arab and Islamic identity in addition to  the link between nationalism and interests of these peoples.

Members of the delegation reviewed transactions of  forty Forum organized by the assembly in Beirut under the title of " supporting the steadfastness of Syria to confront American-Zionist and Arab reactionary aggression and terrorism," stressing that  steadfastness and awareness of Syrian  people and army foiled all attempts and schemes aimed at targeting its leading role in resistance, and it is time for all Arab and Islamic peoples to bear the national and pan Arab  responsibilities to enhance this resilience that achieves victories and contribute to prevent risks not  from Syria only  , but all these peoples.


They reaffirmed Syrian strategic role  in the face of aggression against Arab nation in general and the Syrian people in particular, and their refusal to any foreign intervention or aggression on Syrian territory and sovereignty .

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