French -Saudi coordination to face Russian-American vague.
French -Saudi coordination to face Russian-American vague.
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Talks between French foreign ministers Laurent Fabius and his Saudi  counterpart Saud al - Faisal ,  started by a limited two- session, and then expanded to compromise external managers and senior staff from both sides.

Senior French source told "Al – Hayat" newspaper  that Paris wants to coordinate with Saudi Arabia and identify strategic requirements pursued by « Geneva  2» , discussed and determined conditions should be available to  the success of negotiations.

Paris  regards the problem now is that the U.S. administration is vague about her co ordinations with the Russian side regarding « Geneva  2 » , she says to its allies she wants " transition track " in Syria , but no one of these allies know specifically what to this administration does with the Russian side regarding the nature of this transition track.  A source expressed the hope that U.S. administration keeps « resilient » on this basis , to " stick to the text of the Geneva - 1 and  its conditions " , with approval that the allies are not acquaintance with  what is going on between Russian and American people.

The source added that «National Syrian Coalition » and the "moderate"  Syrian opposition need to  be supported because if they weren't supported  they will decline, especially that President Bashar Al-Assad « feel stronger day by day with the increasing extremist groups on the ground and the increasing divisions that open up new fronts between the various groups . He pointed out that there isn't only Syrian army fighting Free Army , but there are several groups fighting among themselves , and ' things are getting complicated . The source said that for these reasons, Paris need to search with regional friends , including Saudi Arabia , in the development of any effective mechanism to support moderate democratic opposition . The source added that for Paris, it is clear that there can be a political solution with  President Assad in power , either to allow for those who can negotiate to take their roles, or that the war will continue for a long time .

The source said that U.S. administration confirmed after comments by Foreign Minister John Kerry regarding the speed of Syrian government's weapons chemical destruction , that U.S. diplomacy has not changed , and that Kerry's statements are the outcome of an item in Security Council resolution that requires cooperation of Syrian authorities , and that the interests of Americans , as everyone's interest , is to applied the resolution by the Syrian side in a good manner. But the source added that the U.S. administration might be willing to go away with the Russian side to destroy Syrian chemotherapy , because there are major difficulties encountering the implementation of this route stipulated by Security Council resolution.


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