Al-Bashir accused "traitors and saboteurs" of plotting protests.
Al-Bashir accused "traitors and saboteurs" of plotting protests.

Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir , said that his government will continue its austerity  program and economic reform, accusing what he called traitors and saboteurs of being behind the protests in the country.

In a public speech , on the occasion of converting Atbara River and the construction of a new dam in the town of Gedaref , Al-Bashir said that the dam will generate electricity and provide water for millions of people , and agricultural projects .

Bashir said in his first public speech since protests started recently in Sudan, that he challenged the decisions of International Criminal Court , which accuses him of war crimes in Darfur, when he traveled to several regions in the world without being able to arrest him .

He said that he would like to go to New York to attend the meetings of General Assembly of the United Nations , " to challenge the Americans in their own homes ," he said.

He pointed out that the U.S. embassy refused to grant  him a visa to USA after his determining to travel to New York .

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