Karzai : NATO achievements in security field  are useless.
Karzai : NATO achievements in security field are useless.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai, said in an interview with " BBC ": that  NATO attacks,  left many dead  and did not achieve any benefit in the field of security .

Speaking about the upcoming presidential election , Karzai said that his goal is to bring stability and peace to the country as well as to reach a power-sharing agreement with Taliban , adding  " they are Afghans , they are welcomed to be appointed in the government   . On the other hand he excluded  the possiblity that  Taliban participation  would cause damage to women. He said " Taliban return will not undermine progress. This country needs peace. I want to fight for everything that brings peace to Afghanistan, as well as to promote further the cause of Afghanis women.

Regarding the security agreement with United States , which will shape U.S. force presence in Afghanistan after the end of NATO mission in 2014, Karzai warned "if this agreement won't bring peace and security to Afghanistan , Afghans won't like it ".


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