Washington conditionally approves Iran's participation in " Geneva 2 ".
Washington conditionally approves Iran's participation in " Geneva 2 ".

United States announced its approval of Iran's participation in the international conference " Geneva 2 " aiming to find a settlement to the Syrian crisis if Tehran openly endorsed Geneva Declaration , which calls for the formation of a transitional government in Syria.


 Spokeswoman for U.S. Department of State Mary Harf on October 7 said that " United States is more inclined towards Iran's participation in " Geneva 2 " , if  Iran upheld statement of " Geneva 1 " ,adding ," We were obvious on several occasions on Iranian  destructive role  in Syrian crisis and we wait for any party wishes to be included in Geneva 2 to accepts and supports public statement of Geneva.

Harf said that if " Iran was ready to support publicly the statement  of Geneva 1 , we will discuss more openly the possibility of  its participation. "


It is noteworthy that Geneva Declaration was issued on June 30 2012 and draw a roadmap for a peaceful solution to the Syrian conflict , it was endorsed by both United States and Russia and the Gulf states , Iraq and Iran, but Iran did not agree upon because it wasn't  invited to attend the talks. Then Russia and the United States agreed  in may times to try holding "Geneva 2" to implement the agreement, which calls for a transitional governing that enjoys a full authority  and assume the functions of ruling in Syria but they didn’t discussed Assad  remaining or departing from power.

 The agreement states  that such a transitional government must be chosen accordingly by Damascus government and the opposition.

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