Destroying Syrian chemical arsenal is underway.
Destroying Syrian chemical arsenal is underway.
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A group of international experts  started it mission to destroy Syrian chemical arsenal, after the arriving to Syria last week, comprising experts from Russia and the United States, Britain and the Czech Republic , Uzbekistan , China, Canada , Netherlands and Tunisia , as well as experts from Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons .

"Reuters" reported, , citing a source in the group that the representatives of the United Nations and the Organization for the Prohibition of chemical weapons , " went to the location where they began inspecting and destructing  chemical weapons " , and that Organization for the Prohibition chemical weapon has approved a plan to eliminate Syrian  Chemical  arsenal , and within a month the experts  must examine all sites announced by the Syrian government, and visit other sites that can be named by the member countries of the organization in the shortest possible time.

 According to the plan chemical weapons production equipment must be destroyed by  the end of November 2013 , while the weapon itself must be destroyed in the first half of next year.

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