President Al-Assad : Syrian victory achieved by the People and the Armed Forces who are the makers of Syrian history since independence

Marking the fourth anniversary of October War
Marking the fourth anniversary of October War
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During an interview with Tishreen Newspaper Syrian  President Bashar Al-Assad said that Syrian people is who made ​​ October War  through his steadfastness and  cooperating with armed forces .. And this people date back thousands of years and passed  through natural disasters , wars and massacres and different decimations , however, remained steadfast and strong  . Syria  survived especially Damascus and Aleppo  throughout history at the time when another  collapsed and disappeared from civilizations and other cities and capitals in our region.

This isn't probably the first crisis and won't  be the last one in the foreseeable extent and for future generations , this crisis despite its severity should not scare us and make us feel that we lose hope. The error is not to learn lessons from this crisis in order to be stronger in the coming  crisis.  If we assume that this is crises region and  we will always go through  many crises in different ways , we must take advantage of every crisis in order to be harder in the next crisis , this people.

 As I have said is who encompass the armed forces and the armed forces .. If we go back to the history of Syria since independence , we found that  it made ​​the history of Syria  in every detail, including military events or political events , particularly the unity with Egypt, which was achieved primarily  by armed forces when  a military delegation went and met Abdul Nasser , it faced Muslim Brotherhood .. it contributed to the unification of Lebanon .. It fought war of October , and these armed forces are still making ​​the history of Syria ... Today Syrian people believe  in the armed forces as he did through the post-independence history ,he believes  in them  with hope to defeat the terrorists and restore security and safety to Syria , we are confident  in our history .. We all have faith in God and  our homeland and its history .. We all have  faith that we 're going to win through the steadfastness and awareness of our people bravery and courage and our armed forces .

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