The Washington Post :CIA ramping up covert training program for "moderate Syrian fighter" .
The Washington Post :CIA ramping up covert training program for "moderate Syrian fighter" .
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" The Washington Post " said that America Central Intelligence Agency , " CIA" is expanding a secret program to train fighters of the Syrian opposition amid fears that the " moderates fighters " who are backed by Washington are losing control in Syrian conflict , and in the same time, the newspaper pointed out that the U.S. training program is very limited , and even after  its expanding  it will not exceed several hundred fighters  per month .

U.S. officials told the newspaper that the scope of " CIA"  task to train Syrian fighters, is determined by White House desire to work on a political solution in Syria, and believes that this solution can be achieved in case military conflict in Syria continue, because no one of the fighting parties can make a clear victory in the conflict. Therefore, the Agency provides " fighters moderate"  with enough support , so as not to lose the battle , and at the sometime don’t win .

The officials explained that the agency sent additional trainers teams to Jordan , where fighters are being trained in secret" CIA"  bases, with the aim of doubling the number of combatants who are undergoing the training . The officials revealed that the agency has trained less than a thousand fighters over the past year , and this is compared with 20 thousand trained by Iran and Hezbollah to support Syrian army , according to the newspaper.

An informed  officials with  this covert operations said that " CIA" is intensifying and expanding  its efforts, because it is clear that the opposition was on its way to the loss, not only at the tactical level , but also at the strategic level . " The newspaper pointed out that" CIA " was severely disappointed  at the end of last month , when the largest armed factions in Syria announced formulating an alliance under the leadership of  " Al-Nusra Front " in order to establish an Islamic state.

But "moderates fighters" training program is subject to numerous restrictions , including limited" CIA "  resources , and unwillingness of Syrian fighters to leave Syria to undergo training in Jordan in addition to the restrictions imposed by Jordan on the U.S. military presence in its territory. The former intelligence official described, the exercises offered by the " CIA " to fighters  as primitive, stressing that it lasts for only 4-6 weeks and does not include training in using sophisticated weapons such as rockets and anti-tank missiles . The newspaper pointed out that U.S. intelligence assess the number of opposition fighters in Syria,  to about 100 thousand people, noting that 20 thousand of them, are considered " extremists by Washington ."



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