PR stresses governmental commitment to the relief work .
PR stresses governmental commitment to the relief work .
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Prime Minister Wael  Al-Hlki said that Syrian government is coordinating with international organizations and civil society organizations to ensure requirements of the basic life of both  food aids that have reached more than 5.4 million and more than 2.1 million healthy aids in addition to million blankets and more than million mattresses for those affected.

According to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) , Al-Hlki said that the centers of temporary residence supervised directly by the government are more than 976 centers attracting  more than 179 thousand aggrieved citizens providing them with shelter . He also pointed to the financing gap in the recent period as a result  of the increasing number of displaced persons who arrived to 5.5 million citizens,  the government has allocated an amount of half a billion Syrian pounds in budget in 2014 to fill the financing gap and  the relief supplies to those affected.

Al-Hlki  renewed government's commitment to provide all  the relief work to the displaced who return from abroad, noting that the number of returnees from Jordan reached 35 thousand people and communicating are underway  with all the displaced people through international organizations , especially the Red Crescent to return to their homeland and prevent them from being financially and politically explicated.

Al-Hlki  said that the government has conducted all of the studies to launch reconstruction schedule , which begins with the returning of security and stability to Syria, noting that the Deputy Prime Minister for Services Affairs headed a national team of experts and Planning and International Cooperation and academics and universities to prepare a national project for the reconstruction of Syria in accordance with the priorities at three levels .. First short term and fast level which entails a partial reconstruction of damaged  areas and the average level which includes full restoration of some damaged structures and the remote  level for reconstructing of all areas vandalized by armed groups .

Al-Hlki explained that this project will be implemented by expertise and national capacities and there may be material with some loans from friendly countries , indicating that the damage happened  until today reaches a scalable amount of 2,900 billion Syrian pounds in both the public and private sectors as a result of "terrorist acts."

He stressed the importance of fighting economic and administrative corruption in all aspects of the state , he also indicates that over the past months the government has been addressing all files,  from administrative corruption to sagged management that was establishing for wrong decisions reflected negatively and indirectly on the national economy .

He stressed that all corrupters will be accounted and that there are many agencies rehabilitated with the ability to confront difficult such as Central Control Inspection and the Central Financial Supervisory , pointing out that the fight against corruption is not the responsibility of the government alone , but there must be integration of roles between the government and the parliament , media and civil society.


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