Al-Moallem discuss Syrian file with his Iranian, Iraqi and Cuban counterparts .
Al-Moallem discuss Syrian file with his Iranian, Iraqi and Cuban counterparts .
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Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants Walid Al-Moallem held a number of meetings with of Iranian, Iraqi and Cuban foreign ministers.

Al-Moallem discussed during a meeting with Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iran's foreign minister Recent developments in the regional and international efforts aimed at finding a solution to the crisis in Syria and the Iranian nuclear file , the minister stressed  Syrian commitment to fulfill its obligations arising from the accession to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons , in addition to Syrian willingness to participate in the International Conference on Syria "Geneva 2".

The two sides reiterated  their emphasizing about the depth of Syrian and Iranian relations and the need to promote interests of the two countries ; they also stressed the importance of   political solution to the Syrian crisis through dialogue between Syrians without any external interference and the need to stop  supporting  militants  acts which is a violation of international law , a threat to peace and international security .

Al-Moallem discussed in a meeting with Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, current developments and issues related to chemical weapons and "Geneva 2" and threats posed by extremist groups , including the  so called organization " Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant" and " AL-Nusra Front " on the security of the two countries and the stability of the entire region,  Iraqi Foreign Minister expressed his country's welcome  to Russian and American agreement on chemical weapons  and emphasized again that the political solution based on dialogue is the only way out of the  Syrian crisis.

Al-Moallem reviewed with Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla , Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba close friendship between the two countries and ways of developing them ,  they also discussed regional and international developments where Al-Moallem  presented an explanation of the Syrian issues related to chemical weapons and Geneva Conference 2 and the political solution to Syrian crisis, expressing  Syrian appreciation of  Cuban stance and the initial positions of Alba Group supporting  Syria in international forums.

For his part, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba expressed  his country's rejection of Western dominating  attempts and its interference in internal affairs , reiterating his country's opposition to foreign military intervention in developing countries.

The two sides agreed to continue coordination in the United Nations and other international forum  in order to serve just causes.

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