President  Al – Assad  : we will seek political work regardless of terrorist acts
President Al – Assad : we will seek political work regardless of terrorist acts
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Syrian President Bashar al – Assad stressed  during a meeting with the Latin TV  "Telesur" that the terrorists are expressing a single message and a dark black side . For them, anyone who doesn’t  think as their  way is a person who doesn’t  deserve life .

Assad said about the possibility of implementation of the U.S. aggression on Syria : " This may not be a possibility now , but no one knows when it comes to reality , it  will always be a possibility  and  we may never ruled out that possibility ."

Adding : " violence destroys any chance for political action we reject this logic , which United States of America tried marketing  recently in order to justify aggression against Syria ."

Al-Assad   said that " what we want from the United States is not to interfere in the affairs of the world and then the world would be certainly better , Obama's policy is supporting  extremism and terrorism. "

President al-Assad  siad that " Iranian position is very objective toward Syrian crisis because  It knows the truth of what is happening in Syria and at the same time knows that this region is one and therefore if there was a fire burning in Syria it will be passed to the neighboring countries and later to the outermost countries , including Iran, Syria .

When asked about the process of rapprochement between the United States and Iran if it was genuine or a way to keep  Syria friends  away Al- Assad answered: U.S.A closet allies don’t  trust Iran and the rapprochement between the United States and Iran in return doesn’t mean that Iran trusts in the United States , our relationship with the U.S. United went through several stages of ups and downs but trust weren't  found in any of these stages , in politics you need to try all means and touched on all the doors in order to ease tension in the world , we believe that the convergence between Iran and United States , whether for Iran's nuclear program  or for any other file that is a positive thing that serves the area if there is an honest and  genuine desire of United States not to interfere in Iran internal affairs.

As for a chemical weapon used in Syrian, President  Al-Assad  said that Syrian government possess  evidences  proving  use of chemical  weapons by the opposition , where samples were taken from the Khan – asal in addition to the remains of rockets used to transfer toxic materials to the area . After that Arab Syrian army discovered  several  different sizes caches containing chemicals and toxic materials  with their manufacturing  tools . These evidences were provided to the Russian government by Syria , before the advent of the United Nations Mission to Syria.

Regarding the political solution to the Syrian crisis , Assad said : "No matter how intensified terrorist operations were and whatever the situation was so bad we must continue attempts to launch political action and we believe in this from the beginning , despite the escalation of terrorist acts , particularly the recent political action  which  first requires stop terrorism , stop the entry of terrorists from neighboring countries , stop supporting these terrorists with arms , money and everything  in addition to logistical leads  . At the same time there must be a dialogue between the Syrian  People  of all parties about the future of Syria, and starting this dialogue primarily on the political system , laws , regulations and other things in  Syria .

 When the Syrians  reach a certain opinion .. it will delivered for approval through a referendum. Currently the Geneva conference is one of the important political subjects .. we want to bring an opportunity for dialogue between  various  Syrian components  .

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